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Who we are: our mission.

Our expertise is founded on 150 years of designing, developing and carrying out countless national and international construction projects. Our passion that enables us to continuously accept new challenges, to constantly expand our know-how and utilise it for new projects – this is what drives our success. Today, PORR has the wealth of experience of a full-service provider and exceptional expertise in every sector of the construction industry. This knowledge enables us to consistently exploit every market potential.

What we want: our vision.

PORR is all about people building for people. We want to realise projects that will inspire generations to come. In line with our motto “An intelligent construction approach connects people”, we are shaping a future worth living in for ourselves and those who will follow us. Our partners and clients can be confident that they have made the best choice with PORR.

How we work: our corporate culture.

PORR is committed to intelligent growth and to a sustainable increase in earnings and value. Our clients appreciate the way we identify with our projects, provide outstanding services and constantly keep on expanding our know-how. We build on the skills and dedication of every PORRian. Our corporate values such as team spirit and teamwork form a shared basis across all business areas of PORR – after all, this is the only way we can achieve outstanding performance. Our staff charter summarises the way we interact with each other, our clients, partners and society as a whole. This increases the motivation of every single employee and his or her identification with the company.

How we operate: our approach.

All PORRians are committed to upholding our corporate values and contribute their skills and capabilities for this purpose. Our staff charter applies to everyone – regardless of responsibilities, hierarchy or location. It provides orientation and describes how we behave towards each other internally and how we interact externally with clients, partners and society as a whole.