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We are committed to a diverse future of equal opportunities.


The permanent changes and challenges of our world of work require a modern, future-oriented corporate culture. We have launched the PORR Diversity Initiative so that PORR can retain its appeal as an employer in the long term. Our goal is to guarantee equal opportunities across every level and every country and to draw on the diversity of our colleagues from more than 80 nations even more effectively in future.

Our We@PORR initiative was launched in 2015.

The key topics of this initiative are the work-life balance and the reconciliation of our PORRians’ professional and private lives, combined with a focus on diversity and equal opportunity. Regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or disability, everyone at PORR should have the same opportunities for professional development.

It is not just a question of further strengthening equality but rather of actively utilizing and promoting heterogeneity and diversity. The main objectives of the initiative are securing skilled professionals for the long term, promoting innovative strength through heterogeneous teams on all hierarchical levels, and enhancing PORR’s appeal as a “Best Place to Work”.

Our programme.

  • We develop flexible working and sabbatical models to facilitate a good work-life balance for our PORRIANs.
  • We develop and offer child care and care services, making it easier for our PORRIANs to reconcile their professional and private lives.
  • We implement measures that make a significant contribution towards promoting the health of our colleagues.
  • We provide options for exchanges in specific network groups, as well as targeted offers for skills development.
  • We organise events to communicate topics such as work-life balance and health promotion to our employees.

These measures are continuously evaluated to ensure they are all optimally adapted to our needs. This ensures we can initiate a sensible change of course promptly, shaping our future in a way that provides even more equal opportunities and greater diversity.