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PORR AG: Announcement pursuant to Articles 4 and 5 of the 2002 Austrian Publication Ordinance

Purchase of treasury shares
On January 16th 2015 the Executive Board of PORR AG resolved to purchase 286,432 shares in PORR AG (treasury shares) from UniCredit Bank Austria AG, authorised by resolution of the extraordinary general meeting on July 11th 2013.
The Executive Board resolution is therefore announced in line with Article 82 Section 8 Stock Exchange Act in conjunction with Article 4 Section 2 2002 Austrian Publication Ordinance. Furthermore, this disclosure pursuant to Article 5 of the 2002 Austrian Publication Ordinance is published alongside the pertinent details of the purchase of PORR AG treasury shares (buyback programme). 

  1.  The date of the resolution by the extraordinary general meeting to grant authorisation was July 11th 2013
  2. Publication of the resolution by the extraordinary general meeting to grant authorisation, in line with Article 82 Section 8 Stock Exchange Act, was July 11th 2013. 
  3. Start and predicted length of the share transfer: The transfer is expected to take place on or around January 21st 2015. 
  4. Class of shares involved in the purchase: No par value bearer shares in PORR AG (ISIN AT0000609607).
  5. There is an intention to purchase a volume of 286,432 shares. This corresponds to around 1.9689% of total share capital. 
  6. Consideration per share: EUR 42.00.
  7. Type and purpose of the purchase of trea
    sury shares: The buyback shall bei
    i) for granting shares to employees, managers and members of the Company’s Executive Board or that of an affiliated company, in exchange for payment or free of charge; or 
    ii) as consideration for assets transferred to the Company or its subsidiaries, including real estate companies, operations or shares in one or more foreign or Austrian companies. 
  8. Possible impact of the share transfer on the listing of the Company’s shares: none.  
  9. The Company is not currently undertaking any share option schemes. 
  10. Changes to any details already published relating to the transaction in the course of the purchase shall be exclusively published on the Company’s webpage:, under “Investor Relations”. 

This disclosure does not constitute an offer to buy or sell shares in PORR AG and does not oblige the Company to take up offers to buy back or sell shares in PORR AG.
The Executive Board
CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss
Tel.: +43 (0)50626 – 1000

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