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PORR AG: Supervisory Board committee nominates Thomas Stiegler to sit on Executive Board

Vienna, 03.12.2018 The Nomination Committee of the Supervisory Board has today nominated Thomas Stiegler as an additional member of the Executive Board of PORR AG. The requisite resolutions are set to be passed in the Supervisory Board meeting on 6 December 2018. After graduating in Business Administration, Thomas Stiegler (53) worked at the audit company KPMG, before embarking on his…

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PORR signs agreements for the acquisition of ALPINE Bau CZ a.s.

Vienna (pta032/29.08.2018/15:00) - In June 2018, PORR had announced the basic agreement on the acquisition of the traditional Czech company ALPINE Bau CZ a.s. by PORR. Today, the respective acquisition agreements were signed. The company will be fully integrated into the Group under the Czech subsidiary PORR a.s. ALPINE Bau CZ a.s. holds, inter alia, stakes in several strategically important…

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PORR enters into negotiations on the acquisition of ALPINE BAU CZ a.s.

With the shareholders of ALPINE BAU CZ a.s., a generally agreement was reached on the acquisition of the traditional Czech company by PORR AG. The Management Board of PORR AG therefore decided today to enter into negotiations on the structuring of the transaction and on the content of the contracts to be concluded, including the determination of the price, with the aim of the entire acquisition of…

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