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Code of Conduct

The basis for our activities.

The former Code of Ethics has been under review, and is now available as the Code of Conduct. This document, along with the Principles of PORR, serves as a set of guidelines for conduct conforming to the law and to ethical standards and is the basis for all corporate activities and decision-making within the PORR.

The PORR Code of Conduct is applicable to all PORR employees in all PORR markets and branch offices as well as all PORR subsidiaries. Furthermore, it is called into action for all work-related business activities and all contact with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Observation of and adherence to this Code of Conduct is a top priority at PORR.

The PORR Code of Conduct is divided into the chapters Economy, Social and Environment. The document discusses the most important topics affecting daily work processes in its various sub-chapters.

Download our Code of Conduct.

We are PORR.
Code of Conduct. English Version
Download here
Wir sind die PORR.
Code of Conduct. German Version
Download here
Razem tworzymy firmę PORR.
Kodeks postępowania. Polish Version
Download here
Jsme PORR.
Kodex chování. Czech Version
Download here
My sme PORR.
Kódex správania. Slovak Version
Download here
Suntem PORR.
Cod de conduită. Romanian Version
Download here

Our Code of Conduct for Business Partners

You will find our Code of Conduct for Business Partners here.