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Decontamination at Penzinger Strasse 76

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Umwelttechnik GmbH in ARGE
Principal Prajo & Co GmbH
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Asbestos and pollutant removal
Runtime 04.2016 - 05.2017

Decontamination of a polluted industrial site.

The Penzinger Strasse 76 project is a former industrial site. PORR Umwelttechnik was awarded the contract for the decontamination of several buildings. These were constructed at different times and served a variety of purposes during their period of use. For example, some of the workshops and halls were later adapted to house offices. However, various building materials used at the time of construction are now regarded as toxic or as constituting a health risk. The goal of this decontamination work was to prepare the buildings for demolition approval.

The removal of hazardous substances from the buildings was, for the most part, carried out in seven main remediation zones.

Four zones covered the removal of the sprayed asbestos coatings from the façades of the newer buildings, while another three involved removing the floors containing PAH in the older buildings. Over a period of around twelve months, the team of specialists at PORR Umwelttechnik removed building materials containing harmful substances from around 5,700m² of façade and roughly 5,400m² of floor area. This allowed the buildings to be demolished safely