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EUROVEA International Trade Center

Facts and Figures
Company ZIPP Bratislava s.v.o. and PORR Bau GmbH in a consortium
Principal Ballymore Properties s.r.o.
Location Bratislava - Slovakia
Type Shopping centres
Runtime 08.2007 - 12.2009

New city centre for Bratislava.

A brand new urban quarter was established in Bratislava in 2009 between the historic centre and the banks of the Danube – the EUROVEA International Trade Center, built by PORR in a consortium.

The four structural components house a shopping centre with car park, luxury apartments, offices, a 5-star hotel, as well as a cinema, fitness centre and other entertainment facilities. The surrounding outdoor area consists of a large square, a park on the banks of the river, and landing stages and moorings for ships travelling on the Danube. The project also included the overhaul and new construction of the surrounding roads.

The EUROVEA plot covers a space of 400m by 100m. The buildings have a gross floor area of around 250,000m² and are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Exclusive architecture and fittings.
The EUROVEA car park was built using the cut-and-cover method and offers space for 1,700 cars across an area of 80,000m². The shopping centre has up to six storeys in places and a total floor area of 100,000m². Its free-form glass roof spans 5,500m2 and was realised with individual triangular panes. 4,000 glass elements were installed over a six-month period using stationary work platforms. The facade of the spectacular ionic building at the entrance to the shopping centre consists of 610 triangular glass elements.  

230 exclusive apartments, each with up to 200m2 of living space, were built along a 400m stretch facing the Danube. One special feature is the “Priva-Lites” separating the bathroom and the bedroom.

On Pribinova St there is an IMAX cinema with 300 seats, as well as a Sheraton Hotel with 200 rooms and a two-storey foyer with a 6m-high wine rack. A fitness centre and an entertainment court are also housed here.

The spans had lengths of up to 25m and were bridged with wooden planks weighing around 18 tonnes each; their installation required a crane with a capacity of 6,000kN-m.

Design and shell construction.
The main planning for EUROVEA was completed in August 2008. At peak times there were up to 400 engineers, planners and technical draftsmen working on this project, with a total of 29,500 plans drawn up. The duration of the shell construction phase was not even a whole year.