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Recycling plant Himberg

Photo: Recycling plant Himberg: Aerial shot of the vast construction facilities with halls and storage areas for residual construction waste sorted by grades
Facts and Figures
Company Prajo-Böhm Recycling GmbH
PrincipalVarious clients
LocationHimberg - Austria
Type Waste management
Runtime10.2013 - in progress

Quality in high demand

Every year, up to 700,000t of residual construction waste of different origins are processed by the building material recycling plant in Himberg. The Himberg recycling centre became a 100% subsidiary of PORR Umwelttechnik GmbH in 2013.


The recycled building materials produced by the plant are of exceptional quality and are highly sought-after raw materials. Among others, they are used to build base layers in road construction, back filling in building construction, roadbeds, in the construction of dirt and logging roads and many other fields of application.