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Rossauer Kaserne (“Rossau Barracks”) general rehabilitation

Photo: Rossauer Kaserne  – a historic brick building with arched windows lined with a sandstone coloured material; front view of the newly constructed central risalit
Facts and Figures
Company PORR Projekt und Hochbau AG in a consortium
PrincipalFederal Ministry of Defence / Army Land Surveying and Construction Department
LocationVienna - Austria
Type Revitalisation
Runtime06.2002 - 10.2006

Historic architectural gem shines in new splendour

By order of the Army Surveying and Construction Department, PORR, in a consortium, was responsible for the general rehabilitation of the wings 8, 11, 12 and the new construction of the underground car park and the central risalit of Rossauer Kaserne (“Rossau Barracks”) in Vienna’s 9th district. The general rehabilitation of wing 8 thereby turned out to be a particularly tough technical challenge. There, it was necessary to remove an entire basement floor, to underpin the exterior and interior walls by means of the jet grouting method and to install heavy steel and reinforced steel replacement measures. Despite all this, the existing and listed vaults on the ground floor needed to remain untouched.

Generally speaking, the wings included in the project, due to the bad condition of the existing foundations (dry rot) and partially insufficient wall strength, were all in need of foundation rehabilitation and wall grouting work. Despite these challenges, the generally rehabilitated wings as well as the underground car park and the newly constructed central risalit could be handed over on schedule. Thus, the Army Surveying and Construction Department can now use new office premises constructed at highest standards located in a listed building.