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Sava bridge

Photo: Sava bridge: lateral view of the bridge’s unfinished main span being built across the Sava river using the balanced cantilever method
Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH in a consortium
PrincipalCity of Belgrade
LocationBelgrad - Serbia
Type Bridge building, Road construction, Large-scale projects
Runtime09.2008 - 04.2011

A new landmark for Belgrade

The bridge, which was built under PORR’s leadership in Belgrade, serves as a new landmark for a city embodying Serbia’s way to become a part of Europe. Between the bridge slab’s expansion joints, the bridge is 929 m long and features a continuous structure incorporating six spans. A 200 m tall pylon founded on pile foundations serves as the asymmetrical cable-stayed structure’s main support system. The bridge’s main span measures 376 m, its final span 200 m. Adding to this are various access ramps with which the main bridge reaches a length of 967 m. Its lateral spans measure 69 m, 108 m and 81 m and continue the cable-stayed bridge’s course in a linear manner. At a width o 45.04 m, the bridge slab offers ample space for six lanes, two tracks used by Belgrade’s commuter railway system and two pedestrian and bicycle paths.

The high demands on the bridge’s foundations presented a great challenge which had to be solved prior to construction start by manufacturing and stressing four test piles. As a result, the pylon rests on a combined diaphragm wall/bored pile foundation. For the construction of this foundation a dedicated work platform had to be banked up in the Sava river. All other pylons feature deep bored pile foundations, which were partially installed by means of floating units. Comprehensive sheet pile wall work as well as the creation of waterproof construction pits using jet grouting completed PORR’s services. The structure’s minimal settlement during and after construction attest to the quality of the installed foundations. Thanks to excellent performance, the contract was subsequently extended to the construction of the northern and southern access ramps.