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Sealing Wienerwaldtunnel

Photo: Sealing Wienerwaldtunnel: Lengthwise view into the tunnel; the PVC sealing strips have just been laid, and lie like a row of grey tyres within the tunnel wall.
Facts and Figures
Company IAT GmbH
PrincipalARGE Tunnel Wienerwald
LocationVienna - Austria
Type Sealing
Runtime08.2006 - 12.2009

Perfectly isolated

While expanding the west track section, the new Wienerwaldtunnel arose between the city border of Vienna and Lower Austria. The approximately 13.35 km railway tunnel runs from Hadersdorf-Weidlingau in the east to Chorherrn in the west. IAT GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the PORR Group, is responsible for the sealing work in this project as part of a consortium. The laying of the sealant is coordinated with the excavation methods: The east excavation from Hadersdorf-Weidlingau is performed using the usual explosives. Here, fleece and the PVC sealing strips are manually applied for sealing from a truss (conventional sealing). For the west excavation from Chorherrn, tunnel boring machines milled two tunnel pipes with 11 km length apiece, which were then expanded with segments. In this section, the sealing was done using a hotmelt adhesive, with which the fleece-lined sealing strips were bonded hot to the underground using special, fully automatic laying machines.

The Wienerwaldtunnel is one of the first construction projects in Austria in which this innovative sealing system was used. The original development comes from Switzerland, which is known for a high degree of mechanisation in tunnel construction. The experiences gained as part of this project create an advance in knowledge and make the innovative subsidiary of the PORR Group an important partner for future construction projects in this sector.