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Seetalplatz flood control measures

Photo: aerial view of the Seetalplatz traffic intersection, on left, bordered by the river, on right by railway platforms, dense network of roads, car parks, construction debris, containers, vehicles and construction machines; in background, urban settlement
Facts and Figures
Company PORR SUISSE AG in consortium
PrincipalCanton Lucerne, Traffic and Infrastructure Construction
LocationEmmen - Switzerland
Type Hydraulic engineering, Road construction
Runtime08.2013 - 03.2017

Flood control measures and new traffic system.

After the major flooding of 2005, a comprehensive flood control and land rehabilitation project for the Kleine Emme was launched. PORR was one of several companies contracted to work on the most heavily-used traffic intersection in central Switzerland. 

The greatest flood risk, and therefore the greatest need for action, existed around the area of the central Seetalplatz intersection. In this area, the riverine zone is heavily developed, which necessitated the construction of new steep seawalls and steep embankments on the right bank of the river. On the left bank, works included terraced seating areas, a shared cycle and pedestrian path and a 500m natural stone wall. 

At the same time, finishing works were completed on the corresponding stretch of the Rothenstrasse: the bus lane was extended, new pedestrian crossings installed and the road surfaces (including sewage systems, cabling, finishing and surfaces) renovated.

During all activities, attention had to be paid to the hourly changing water levels of the Kleine Emme.