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Simmering storage reservoir

Photo: Simmering storage reservoir: Longitudinal view of the construction pit of the reservoir with a crane at the side.
Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH in a consortium
PrincipalGovernment of the City of Vienna – Wien Kanal MA 30
LocationVienna - Austria
Type Structural engineering
Runtime10.2013 - 05.2016

In this way, Vienna remains dry

In order to protect the low area of the City of Vienna from heavy rain events, PORR was commissioned in a consortium with the engineering work on the Simmering storage reservoir. The construction site is situated in the Danube valley and presents a major challenge due to the topographic low point and correspondingly high water table. The project framework included the construction of the underground storage reservoir with two transport channels connected to it. The reservoir, 90 meters long, 45 wide and 7m deep, constructed using a cut-and-cover method can hold up to 28.5 million litres waste water. The two transport channels have a diameter of 2.0m and a length of 2.0km and were prepared by a micro-tunnelling procedure.

The construction pit of the reservoir was produced on three sides of the 60cm thick sealing wall (1-phase slotted sealing wall) moved away from the walls of the storage reservoir, with a depth of 16m. On the basis of the deficient location conditions, an 80cm thick slotted wall which connects flush to the reservoir walls was constructed on the north side of the construction pit. In order to lower the ground water according to the requirements, a comprehensive water retention was installed with a total of 25 wells.

The ideal place for the underground storage reservoir was found directly below the main pitch of the sports field at Haidequerstraße 10.