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Stuttgart 21 – Concrete base Filder tunnel

Facts and Figures
Company ÖBA – Österreichische Betondecken Ausbau GmbH
Principal Consortium ATCOST 21
Location Stuttgart - Germany
Type Special concrete construction
Runtime 01.2016 - 04.2016

High tech underground.

On the major construction site of Stuttgart 21, ÖBA manufactured a concrete tunnel slab with a durable water trough and a cross section of 5.5 m.

The approximately 4.0 km long stretch with a cross section of approximately 4.0 m³/running metre was realised with an average performance of 150 running metres/day.

This enormous achievement was made possible by a slip-form paver. It moves along the segment with a track system angled at 40°.

Technical equipment and experience were significant criteria for the customer in assigning this major project to ÖBA.