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Waste stabilising

Facts and Figures
Company ABW Abbruch-, Boden- und Wasserreinigungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Principal Various clients
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Waste management
Service duration 02.1999 - in progress

Safely landfilled

PORR Umwelttechnik’s stabilising system efficiently processes hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Problem substances can thus be landfilled or burnt in a sustainable and safe way.

Using stabilising methods in accordance with DVO 2008, the system processes solid wastes by means of hydraulic or latently hydraulic binding agents.

Wastes suitable for pouring are transported from an interim storage facility to the system’s batch mixer by means of encapsulated and vacuumed conveyor belts, dusty wastes are delivered in big bags or directly to one of the waste silos. The batch mixer is filled with waste, aggregate and water in predefined quantities. After a certain mixing time has ended, the materials start homogenising. In this form, the wastes can be landfilled with ease.

Another field of application of the waste treatment plant is the conditioning of wastes with high heat values which can be used in a thermal waste treatment system after being treated.

Thus PORR’s stabilising system makes an important contribution to the protection of our environment.