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Wittenberg Castle South Wing

Photo: Wittenberg Castle South Wing: Excavation works in front of Wittenberg Castle
Facts and Figures
Company Stump Spezialtiefbau GmbH
PrincipalLutherstadt Wittenberg/ Bauunion Wittenberg GmbH
LocationSchloss Wittenberg - Germany
Type Specialist civil engineering
Runtime01.2015 - 03.2016

New south wing for Wittenberg Castle

2017 marks the 500th celebration of when Luther nailed his thesis to the door of Wittenberg Castle, and thereby the day Protestantism was born. Lutherstadt Wittenberg decided to mark this occasion by turning the south wing of the castle into a seminary.

The first step involved reinforcing the remaining foundations and vaulted cellar of the old, long-destroyed south wing and opening it up to those from the public with an interest in archaeology. 

This challenge was solved with a pile foundation that was decoupled in terms of load engineering in the area of the old foundations. 186 Ischebeck Titan 73/53 piles were used here. The existing brick ruins and the vaulted cellar were cleaned using a dry-fine-sand method and grouted with shotcrete mortar.