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Civil engineering/Infrastructure

You can build quality of life.

PORR’s infrastructure segment includes tunnelling, railway construction and specialist civil engineering, large-scale projects in road and bridge construction, as well as structural engineering. From smaller construction tasks through to complex large-scale projects and traffic infrastructure initiatives, we realise the entire range of traffic and transport construction. PORR is among Europe’s leading providers in many areas such as underground construction, conventional tunnelling with shotcrete or mechanical excavation with advanced technology. And in railway construction we have worked with the Austrian federal railways to develop the Slab Track system, which now enjoys strong demand in Austria and abroad.

Your contacts for civil engineering and infrastructure.

Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic
Christian Motz GM PORR Bau GmbH
Hans Wenkenbach GM PORR Deutschland GmbH
Poland, Norway, Quatar, Slovakia, target markets
Thomas Stiegler GM PORR Bau GmbH
Sweden, Denmark, GB | Area of competence: Tunneling, Railway Construction
Rainer Rengshausen GM PORR Bau GmbH
Wolfgang Reining GM PORR Bau GmbH


Selected projects.

Construction creates connections. There are not many sectors for which this slogan is more accurate than for civil engineering and infrastructure. With our roads, tunnels, bridges and railway constructions, we help to overcome distances and save precious time.