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Asphalt production

It’s all about the right covering.

PORR operates 29 mix plants in Austria alone and produces around 3 million tonnes of asphalt a year. This allows us to make a significant contribution to maintaining our traffic infrastructure.

We not only produce standard products, but also offer solutions directly tailored to client requirements – for example the high-performance asphalt for the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg or for bridges with heavy traffic. We produce, supply and install: our range includes emulsions, polymer-modified bitumen, mastic asphalt, hot-mix asphalt, low-temperature asphalt and cold-mix asphalt based on ecological, renewable resources.


Feistritz asphalt mixing plant (AMF Feistritz).


Weißbach asphalt mixing plant (AMW Weißbach – “Die Pinzgau”).


Lieferasphaltgesellschaft (LAG) Jauntal.


Your contacts for asphalt production.

Asphalt production
Zeljko Vocinkic GM PORR Bau GmbH