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We distinguish between home markets and project markets.

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are among our home markets. In these countries we are represented with our entire portfolio.

On selected international project markets our range focues on our premium products in tunnelling, railway construction and civil engineering. We currently operate in Norway, the United Kingdom and Qatar.

Home markets
Project markets

PORR United Kingdom

PORR has been represented in the United Kingdom with a branch office in London since April 2016. Strategically our target markets in the UK are in tunnelling projects and the supply and installation of the SlabTrack Austria (STA).

PORR companies in United Kingdom

PORR Austria

PORR was founded in 1869. We have since become a leading construction company in Austria and we offer every construction-related service from a single source. In addition to the headquarters in Vienna, we are represented through our branch offices and building yards, giving us complete coverage in every federal province and district.

PORR companies in Austria

PORR Germany

With its headquarters in Munich, a total of eight branch offices, three Equipment Services sites and additional subsidiaries, PORR has a strong presence in Germany. 
Realising tunnelling projects for Deutsche Bahn in the 1980s marked the start of our activities on the German market. The cornerstone for the first branch office in Germany was laid with the progressive takeover of Radmer Bau Aktiengesellschaft in Munich. This was followed by the foundation of PORR Deutschland GmbH in 2006, since when activities have been continuously expanded.

PORR companies in Germany

PORR Switzerland

In 1991 PORR acquired an equity interest in Walker & Söhne AG in Altdorf and became active on the Swiss construction market. The company has gone by the name PORR SUISSE AG since taking over all of the shares in 2000. We operate three branch offices in Switzerland in Altdorf, Castione and Zurich.

PORR companies in Switzerland

PORR Czech Republic

PORR a.s. has operated as a full service provider in the Czech Republic ever since 1991. With our headquarters in Prague and other sites including those in Brno, České Budějovice and Tlumačov, we realise projects in the fields of building construction, civil engineering and foundation engineering.

PORR companies in Czech Republic

PORR Poland

PORR has been represented in Poland with its own subsidiary since 1993.
Today we are present on the market as PORR S.A. The company was formed in 2017 as a result of the merger of two independently operating companies: PORR Polska Construction S.A., which had focused on high-rise and railway projects – and PORR Polska Infrastructure S.A., which had specialised in the areas of infrastructure, energy and engineering. With our locations in Warsaw, Gdynia, Poznań, Krakow and Wroclaw, we are meeting the requirements of the local market.

PORR companies in Poland

PORR Slovakia

PORR has been involved in Slovakia since 1991. Apart from our headquarters in Bratislava, we are represented with an additional construction office in Žilina. 2010 saw the merger with TEERAG-ASDAG Slovakia to form a Group company. Since then, PORR has been working under the name of PORR s.r.o in Slovakia.

PORR companies in Slovakia

PORR Romania

PORR Construct S.R.L. was founded in 2004 and provides services throughout the whole of Romania. The site holds particular importance for the Group due to its local stone, gravel and landfill resources.

PORR companies in Romania

PORR Norway

PORR has been represented in Norway since 2012 and has been operating under the name PNC Norge AS since 2016.

PORR companies in Norway

PORR Qatar

PORR has been represented with a branch office in Doha City since 2011. Together with our local partners, we have been entrusted with realising the country’s most important infrastructure projects – including the construction of the Doha metro and the Al Wakrah Stadium, the main venue of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

PORR companies in Qatar