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A passion for innovation since 1869.

Vienna’s fortifications were removed at the end of the 1850s, and the 300 m wide glacis around the city centre of Vienna was abandoned. The development of this area triggered a construction boom on a hitherto unseen scale. “Allgemeine österreichische Baugesellschaft” (the General Austrian Construction Society) was founded in 1869 and has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange ever since. The company built seven exhibition pavilions and numerous hotels for the World Exposition in Vienna in 1873.

Civil engineer Arthur Porr.

At the start of the 20th century, the inventions of civil engineer Arthur Porr formed the basis of significant breakthroughs in concrete construction. By 1927, when “Allgemeine Baugesellschaft – A. Porr Aktiengesellschaft” was formed by merging with Porr’s company, PORR had become a technology leader.

Long construction tradition.

One of the first construction contracts for “Allgemeinen österreichische Baugesellschaft” involved transforming the horse-drawn railway between Linz and Ceske Budejovice. One third of the line was handed over ready for operation as early as 1870. Further orders in many parts of the Habsburg monarchy soon followed.

Influences after 1945.

After World War II, PORR was heavily involved in rebuilding Austria. During this period the company was entrusted with restoring the Vienna State Opera, erecting the Ringturm tower and with building the Kaprun power plant, to name but a few projects. PORR thereby played a key role in leading Austria into a new and successful future.  

PORR goes international.

Since founding subsidiaries outside of Austria, PORR has gained a position as an international company, able to realise projects of every type and scale in Europe, and the Middle East.
Comprehensive restructuring of the Group was initiated in 2011, and the powerful PORR Bau GmbH was founded. In 2013, the company name was changed to PORR AG. Today PORR is one of the largest construction companies in Austria and among the leading providers in Europe.

From 1869 to the present day: innovation meets tradition.

Foundation of “Allgemeine österreichische Baugesellschaft”
First listing on the stock exchange  
Construction of seven exhibition pavilions and numerous hotels for the World Exhibition in Vienna
Merger to become “Allgemeine Baugesellschaft- A. Porr Aktiengesellschaft”
Pioneering projects such as the Grossglockner Alpine Road
Construction of various power plants, roads, railways and industrial facilities
Executing large-scale general contractor projects
Construction of many office and commercial buildings such as the Ringturm Tower in Vienna
PORR – international success
Extensive reorganization and founding of the powerful PORR Bau GmbH

Corporate wording change 
"Allgemeine Baugesellschaft-A. Porr Aktiengesellschaft" becomes PORR AG
PORR has spun off its real estate business and become a pure construction company.
Merger of TEERAG-ASDAG AG with PORR Bau GmbH