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PORR is purchasing goods and services with a value of several billion Euro annually. One characteristic of the construction sector is that the majority of materials and services are sourced locally and the amount of suppliers and subcontractors needed is high. We as PORR are therefore a strong employer and customer for local companies.

Long-term relationships as a central purchasing strategy.

Building strong long-term relationships with suppliers and subcontractors is one of the main priorities of PORR’s purchasing strategy. Only with reliable partners we are able to conduct our projects according to our own standards and successful with regard to the key parameters quality, deadlines and costs.

Decentralized purchasing teams.

PORR’s purchasing department is organised, according to our operational organisation structure, by central and local purchasing teams. Each country has its own sourcing units which act as an integrative part of a project, being responsible for purchasing agendas.

Support from Vienna headquarters.

The central purchasing unit in our Vienna headquarters is supporting the local entities, ensuring communication within the buyer network and defining the group-wide, strategic focus of PORR’s purchasing activities. The common goal is economically and qualitatively optimal sourcing, considering PORR’s ethical, social and ecological principles.

General purchasing conditions.

Our principles.

Your contacts.

Head of Group Procurement Ewald Unterweger Head of Procurement
Procurement Support Dennis Probst Head of Procurement Support, Deputy Head of Procurement PORR AG
Contact PORR AG Purchasing department, Absberggasse 47, 1100 Vienna, Austria