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With PORR you have the right partner by your side.

Decades of experience, in-depth know-how and technical expertise make PORR the right partner for your construction project. With our one-stop-shop approach, we are a full-service provider that covers every step of the value chain of your construction project from a single source: from the concept to the design and planning, financing, construction, and certification, right through to facility management.

Our word is our bond, and we take more than 150 years of expertise and combine it with forward-looking concepts – for every area of the construction industry.

Building construction – scaling heights together

From apartment buildings, offices and healthcare facilities through to shopping centres and stadiums: building construction has to meet a wide range of requirements. And this is precisely where PORR’s strength lies. Our highly qualified and skilled staff are experts in your area and are known for their flexibility and ability to deliver solutions. In addition, PORR is experienced in every aspect of building construction, covering every step in-house – from design to operations. As a full-service provider, we are by our customers’ side from the very start of a project and provide support up to and including property management.

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Civil engineering & infrastructure – a solid basis for any project

Civil engineering forms the basis for almost every structure we encounter in our daily lives. PORR has decades of know-how in civil engineering and infrastructure and is capable of routinely executing major projects as well as developing individual solutions for our customers. We rely on our staff’s specialist knowledge, flexibility and expertise in technical solutions as well as our talent for technological innovation and versatility in our processes.

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Environmental engineering – we’re building a green future

Renewable, zero-emission energy and sustainable construction materials are the future of the construction industry. We are committed to reusing existing resources and apply a careful approach to natural areas. People and the environment are always at the heart of our projects. In the environmental engineering sector, we deal with many aspects of technology-based environmental protection – from the disposal of pollutants and recycling of construction materials through to deconstruction. We develop and provide individual solutions based on the needs of every client.

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Design & engineering – we combine form and function

The design & engineering department combines visual and functional requirements with structural planning and regulatory compliance. We apply innovative methods and set new standards – which is also how PORR has established itself as a trailblazer in the construction industry. Our top priority on any construction project is economically sound planning and efficient processes. To achieve this, we use BIM and LEAN methods that allow us to keep everyone involved in the project informed in real time about the progress made while keeping the design and build phases as lean as possible.

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Special competencies – also a trailblazer in niche areas

The area of special competencies includes services that cannot be clearly assigned to the classic areas of the construction industry, such as building construction and civil engineering or environmental engineering. Through decades of experience, comprehensive know-how, and special requirements in projects, over time we have expanded our portfolio and are now also able to serve special niches. Highly skilled employees, the use of digital tools, and cooperation with expert partners allow us to meet the special requirements of all of our customers from a single source.

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