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Company profile

PORR AG. Success through intelligent growth.

  • Production output (01-12/2023e) EUR 6.5-6.7 bn
  • Order backlog (09/2023) EUR 8,701m
  • Ø Staffing level (01-09/2023) 20,512

PORR Group is one of the leading players in the European construction industry and one of the few specialists in infrastructure. On the seven stable home markets of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania — PORR generates around 96% of its production output. As the oldest listed company in Austria it has been traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange for more than 150 years. Today it is listed on the prime market segment.

Der Vorstand

Intelligent Growth through Green and Lean


  • Best in Class: in construction and technologies
  • Build on leading market position
  • Sustainable profitability ahead of revenue
  • Strong equity position and efficient deployment of capital


  • We live our PORR Principles
  • The best – Best Place to Work
  • Nurturing talent – lifelong learning for all of us
  • We live diversity, equal opportunities and performance


  • Design-build contractor – one-stop shop for every process
  • Innovation leader in construction and technology
  • Pioneer in digitalisation – improving quality and efficiency
  • Lean, flexible and cost-conscious



  • Clear commitment to ecological, environmentally friendly construction
  • Efficient and responsible use of resources and energy
  • We act holistically in line with the circular economy
  • Clear commitment to compliance and ethical behaviour


Key performance indicators

in EUR m 2022 2021 2020
Production output 6.226 5.727 5.185
Order backlog 8.204 7.764 7.067
Order intake 6.659 6.414 5.905
EBITDA 318,9 287,5 131,4
EBT 110,0 85,4 -51,0
Ø Staff 20.232 20.177 20.193

Share chart

Production output FY/2022

Per Country (in EURm)

Production output countries FY 2022


(in EURm)

Shareholder structure

PORR AG as per August 2023

Syndicate (Strauss Group, IGO Industries Group)
Free float (thereof 4.3% Heitkamp Construction GmbH and 5.0% PORR Management and treasury shares PORR AG)

Sustainable investment

Sustainable Investment


Financial calender