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World of PORR

Gathering knowledge. Sharing expertise.

We combine the know-how and expertise of over 20,000 PORRians - or in other words: more than a quadrillion synapses process and transport the accumulated knowledge of our PORR every day. Knowledge that we have enjoyed sharing for more than 60 years. Originally under the title "PORR Nachrichten" and today as “World of PORR”, our magazine has made a name for itself. For industry insiders it has become an intrinsic feature of the construction world. Readers will find all the technical details about our projects - from A for asbestos rehabilitation to Z for Z-beams. What makes it special? All articles are personally written by our in-house experts.

Take a look at our World of PORR yourself. All articles in our online magazine are also available in PDF format for printing or saving. We hope you enjoy reading the World of PORR, the magazine of the construction industry.

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