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Protecting health and promoting talent - for a better working world

Whether it’s digitalisation or increasing globalisation: The constant changes in the world of work demand a modern and forward-looking corporate culture. As a fair employer we see ourselves as partners and focus on the wellbeing of every single member of staff.

Work Health Promotion Strategy
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Health & safety – our measures to promote good health and occupational safety.

When it comes to health and safety, we at PORR go one step further: “Safety First” is merely the foundation on which numerous other measures rest. After all, the mental and physical wellbeing of our PORRians is a prerequisite for our success.

Occupational safety with a long-term goal: Zero accidents.

Already in 2015, the Executive Board and the Works Council signed the PORR Safety Charter, thereby committing to proactive hazard prevention and health promotion. With “Vision Zero”, the frequency of incidents at PORR should be reduced to fewer than ten accidents per million hours worked. This should be achieved through checks, training, and a reporting system for near misses and hazardous situations.

Our agreements and guidelines for occupational safety are laid out in both our Safety Guide and in our Code of Conduct. Every PORRian thereby pledges, from their very first day at work, to uphold our regulations for quality and safety. Focal points explored once a quarter ensure that the importance of occupational safety is uppermost in everyone’s minds. For example, the “Safety Walk” has become established as a useful instrument for preventing accidents – the walk is a safety check conducted by our management when visiting construction sites.

The Group-wide Safety Check Card (last-minute risk analysis) serves as to raise  awareness and strengthening personal responsibility as well as the perception of hazards in the workplace. In future, PORR intends to increasingly digitalise safety inspections and precautionary measures on the construction site.

Workplace health promotion at PORR.

A workplace health promotion system has already been implemented in Austria for the purpose of improving the wellbeing of staff members, preventing sickness at work and contributing to a working environment that sustainably promotes good health; this is being rolled out successively to the other markets. The programme is targeted at both salaried employees and waged workers at PORR and includes:

  • Support for sport and movement: A range of services tailored to site-specific needs – e.g. training rooms and sports courses (PORR headquarters in Vienna), discounted gym memberships (PORR Suisse & PORR Deutschland), seminars on back health
  • Information and coaching: Mental health and conflict resolution, regular talks and workshops on topics like burnout, smoking cessation, therapeutic diet
  • Training and education: Health classes as part of apprenticeship, interactive training on health on the construction site, First Aid courses
  • Group-wide Health Day
  • Group-wide training plans: With alternating focal points to promote good health



PORR was once again awarded the seal of quality for workplace health promotion for successful integration in regular operations by the Austrian Network for Workplace Health Promotion and the Healthy Austria Fund.



You can find out more about our goals and measures in our Sustainability Strategy and in the following video:


Further education & training – a guarantor of PORR’s talent for innovation.

Our employees and workers secure PORR’s success. That is why we are committed to ongoing HR development and nurturing individual strengths and competencies.

porr_academy – a digital training platform with a comprehensive range.

The Group-wide PORR Academy is home to all further education and training offered by PORR. The training offers range from the basics of communication and intercultural training to aspects of occupational safety and legal topics. Digital media such as webinars, e-learning etc. are increasingly used. In addition, language courses, training on digitalisation, in the area of personality development or on special topics such as "empowerment for women" are also very popular. Our goal is to expand the range of training offered throughout the group and, above all, in a needs-oriented manner.

The future of education and training at the PORR Campus.

The PORR Campus in Vienna Simmering offers a wide range of training for blue-collar workers, apprentices and salaried employees. With light-flooded classrooms, a vast workshop, a machine pool and fleet, a modern dormitory, and ample facilities for sport and leisure, we have succeeded in providing the optimal conditions for the successful education and training of our workforce. Why such a training and development center is unique is explained in a portrait by the head of the PORR Campus:


How we in Recruiting are already recognising and nurturing talent.

At PORR identifying and nurturing individual strengths begins right at the recruitment stage. An array of HR marketing measures gives potential employees their first insight into the world of PORR. These range from events for schoolchildren through to taking part in the “Young Talents Day” work experience fair at the Vienna University of Technology.

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Human Rights & employment – pledging to protect human rights is self-evident for us.

PORR is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest initiative for doing business sustainably. With this, PORR has committed to actively implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the Group along with all of the basic human rights laid out in the UN Charter. PORR is committed to fair pay, based on the principle of equal opportunities regardless of gender, prizes non-discrimination, does not tolerate child labour or forced labour at its construction sites or within its sphere of influence, and guarantees its workforce the freedom of association and the right to engage in collective agreements. In the supply chain as well, we pay attention to fair work practices and upholding human rights. The Code of Conduct for staff members, valid across the Group, coupled with the Code of Conduct for business partners and our compliance management system all help us achieve these goals.

Diversity & equal opportunities – initiatives and measures.

With around 20,000 staff members from over 80 nations, diversity is a clear success factor at PORR. Everyone who works with us should have equal opportunities to blossom professionally – regardless of gender, age, family background, sexual orientation or disability. By signing the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) by the United Nations, we actively promote empowerment of women in the company.

Leveraging diversity – the We@PORR diversity initiative.

We launched the initiative We@PORR in order to embed the issue of diversity into our corporate culture long term. With communication campaigns, role models, talks, network events, women’s training and mentoring programmes, we have laid the framework for enhancing visibility, raising awareness, exchanging experience and sensitising others to issues relevant to women.Against this background, the proportion of women in the workforce increased to 15.8 % in 2021. This positive trend has continued in the area of women's share of upper management with an increase of 4 %. We also saw a slight increase in the proportion of women in middle and lower management to 13.2 %. Opportunities for the intensive exchange of experience among colleagues were especially visible in the company’s “Women@PORR” initiative. The series of networking events “Diversity Table” promotes mutual respect with a focus on additional diversity topics.

Striking a better work/life balance

The “We@PORR” measures aim to improve the work/life balance and include the following country-specific options in addition to the PORR Baby Box, which is available throughout the entire Group:

  • Home Office (working from home)
  • Sabbaticals
  • Family and care services such as the “Kids-Week”, the “Adventure Camp”, the “Parent-Child Office” for childcare emergencies, the “PORR Nursing Care Leave” and the “PORR Care+ Insurance”