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Intelligent growth with Green and Lean.

PORR focuses resolutely on its core competency – the construction business. This enables our business partners to benefit from our far-reaching expertise and the range we offer as a full service provider.

"We are a construction company, we will always be a construction company. And we will build as much as we can ourselves". – Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO PORR Group.

Every path in PORR is built on the vision PORR – Home of Construction. To Build a Better World. The transformation in our sector and our environment requires flexible action that conserves resources and focuses on customers. That is why we are targeting intelligent growth with “Green and Lean. We are particularly active in those markets where there is growing demand for holistic construction solutions. Our path is being lit by the opportunities arising from global megatrends and sustainability. We want to continue to achieve profitable growth in the coming years and are focusing on four strategic pillars.

Our Company – Our Home. Our mission to facilitate first-class solutions in construction and technologies. Here PORR plans to achieve long-term growth on its markets. The goal is to secure our leading market position in the long term by strengthening our in-house construction value creation and offering holistic solutions as both a general contractor and design-build provider. PORR is selectively expanding its existing service range through targeted acquisitions that generate value. This secures strategic advantages in a challenging environment. A selective approach to orders results in an order backlog with good profitability. And this is not just about growth. Above all, we want to be resilient and are aiming for sustainable profitability. A strong equity and liquidity position bolster us here.

Our Staff – Our Culture. We live our corporate culture – and everyone should sense this – whether they are staff members, partners or shareholders. Our five Principles – Reliability, Shoulder to Shoulder, Appreciation, Pioneering Spirit and Passion – tap into in-house potential and promote innovative thinking and short decision-making processes. Securing skilled workers and talent in the long term remains our priority. With our own PORR Academy and start-up solutions in the e-learning sector, we want to build on our strengths from within our own ranks. We value diversity, equal opportunities and performance and are convinced that these are our success factors.

Our LEAN – Our Efficiency. The more complex our projects are, the leaner we want to be. As a technology pioneer, PORR is increasingly using networked and innovative solutions in planning and construction. In this way, it is proactively driving the development of digital topics of the future. At the same time, it is possible to reduce the costs incurred here and thereby increase profitability.

Our ESG – Our Responsibility. Sustainability is an overriding aim for us along the entire construction value chain. That’s why we see it as an opportunity and not a contradiction. Our goal is to be the market leader for resource-conscious, recyclable construction. The building blocks here not only lie in areas such as energy-efficient and cost-efficient construction, but also circular economy. In order to increase synergies for climate protection across the entire Group, PORR rolled out its Green programme in autumn 2021. In addition, we take our social and economic responsibility seriously through various initiatives and measures. Ethical, fair and transparent conduct is not only in line with the company’s principles, but also means stability in times of change and responsible corporate governance. Acting in a legally compliant and transparent manner is PORR’s top priority. This is the only way to build trust with stakeholders and make responsible business practices a reality.

Future programme PORR 2025.

With the future programme PORR 2025, we are also continuing to focus on PORR's strengths and thus also optimising the efficiency of the organisation. Management structures are being streamlined, the business model sharpened and the portfolio adjusted in specific areas. 

“The future programme PORR 2025 is the largest transformation programme in the history of PORR”, says Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR.

Innovation as a clear competitive advantage.

Since its very beginnings, development and innovation have played a key role at PORR: at the start of the 20th century, the inventions of our founder Arthur Porr led to a significant breakthrough in concrete construction methods and formed the foundation for many prestigious buildings.

This passion for innovation has driven us ever since and is an omnipresent feature at PORR. Every PORRian makes a significant difference to PORR's future fitness through his or her ideas and creative concepts. The central point for further development is the "Technology Management and Innovation" department. It offers advice and support to our employees from the operating units.