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Intelligent growth for sustainable success in the construction sector.

PORR focuses resolutely on its core competency – the construction business. This enables our business partners to benefit from our far-reaching expertise and the range we offer as a full service provider.

"We are a construction company, we will always be a construction company. And we will build as much as we can ourselves". – Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO PORR Group.

With our strategy of intelligent growth, we concentrate on stable home markets with secure margins – Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic. We are represented in these countries with our entire portfolio. We offer a selective range of export products in tunnelling, railway construction and civil engineering on certain project markets and international markets in the CEE/SEE region, Norway, Great Britain and Qatar. We are also consistently evaluating potential new target markets.

This approach makes us a dynamic company with strong growth potential. Other key success factors include clear responsibilities, streamlined, flexible structures and transparent management.

PORR as a trailblazer in the construction industry.

In addition to constantly building up our core competency, we focus on the issues of the future facing the construction industry: digitalisation and innovation.

We are intimately involved with BIM, Lean Design and Lean Construction and are trendsetters in Austria for the "paperless construction site". These new technologies allow us to realise construction projects faster, more efficiently, more cost-effectively and – above all – more transparently. This is a clear advantage for our customers, contracting authorities, partners and for us. Would you like to explore the way we work with the technologies of the future? You can get an insight into how we realise our projects here.

In order to continuously expand our expertise, PORR works closely on every home market with partners from the spheres of academia and research. The projects here involve developing complex, technical processes in civil and structural engineering as well as in resource conservation. This knowhow transfer has proven to be an ideal way for us to promote innovation.

Future programme PORR 2025.

With the future programme PORR 2025, we are also continuing to focus on PORR's strengths and thus also optimising the efficiency of the organisation. Management structures are being streamlined, the business model sharpened and the portfolio adjusted in specific areas. 

“The future programme PORR 2025 is the largest transformation programme in the history of PORR”, says Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR.

Innovation as a clear competitive advantage.

Since its very beginnings, development and innovation have played a key role at PORR: at the start of the 20th century, the inventions of our founder Arthur Porr led to a significant breakthrough in concrete construction methods and formed the foundation for many prestigious buildings.

This passion for innovation has driven us ever since and is an omnipresent feature at PORR. Every PORRian makes a significant difference to PORR's future fitness through his or her ideas and creative concepts. The central point for further development is the "Technology Management and Innovation" department. It offers advice and support to our employees from the operating units.