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Value creation

The process of value creation in the construction industry is shaped by many players who are independent of each other. This results in an extremely complex construction value chain. In addition to construction companies like PORR, others intensively involved in the process include planning offices, engineering offices, suppliers and subcontractors, as well as the customers themselves.

As soon as the need for a new project arises, a tender is issued for its execution. Participating construction companies must fulfil specified requirements. After a successful tendering process, procurement and planning begins. This involves tasks such as procuring materials as well as selecting and commissioning subcontractors. In addition, hazard, opportunity and risk analyses are carried out and occupational health and safety and environmental protection are ensured. In the subsequent construction and project preparation phase, the construction site is set up and detailed personnel and logistics planning is carried out. This is then continuously adapted and optimised. The construction and project execution phase represents the largest part of value creation for PORR. The duration of this phase can vary depending on the type and scope of the respective project. Building construction projects, such as residential and industrial buildings, usually have shorter construction periods, while civil engineering projects can be expected to take several years. The completion of a project is marked by the handover to the client. This is when the building enters the utilisation phase.

At the end of the utilisation period, PORR takes care of the demolition and the professional recycling, landfilling or disposal of building materials. The aim is to return as many building materials as possible to the construction cycle. Sustainability along the entire value chain is a key concern for PORR and one that we have been pursuing with great enthusiasm for years. To ensure this sustainability, the company is in close contact with every project stakeholder. When selecting business partners and reducing risks along the value chain, PORR relies on full compliance with the principles set out in the Code of Conduct for business partners.