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Corporate Governance

Declaration on observance of the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance.

The Executive Board and Supervisory Board of PORR AG hereby declare that they will uphold the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance as amended and that they will fully commit to the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance and its objectives.
Continuously upholding the standards for responsible and sustainable corporate management is a top priority for PORR AG. PORR AG is committed to the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance as amended and will make every possible effort to observe all of the rules of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code in full. Should there be any deviation from the rules of the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance, each deviation shall be explained clearly and comprehensively.
The Executive Board and Supervisory Board of PORR AG hereby declare that in line with the rules of the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance:

  • the Executive Board will give the Supervisory Board regular, timely and comprehensive information (immediate information should circumstances require) on all relevant issues related to business performance, including the risks and risk management of PORR AG and significant consolidated companies;
  • the Executive Board will immediately report to the Supervisory Board about any circum-stances which could have a significant impact on the profitability or liquidity of the company;
  • there will be open discussions between the Executive Board and Supervisory Board and within the Executive Board and Supervisory Board in line with the one of the principles of Corporate Governance as it relates to corporate management;
  • the Executive Board will coordinate the strategic direction of the PORR Group with the Supervisory Board and discuss the state of strategy implementation with the Supervisory Board on a regular basis.


December 2014, Vienna

Austrian Corporate Governance Codex

Directors' Dealings.

Changes to the shareholdings of members of the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and other managers made by 2 July 2016 can be viewed on the Financial Market Supervisory Authority’s home page:
Request of Directors' Dealings FMA website

Changes in shareholdings of Members of the Management Board, Members of the Supervisory Board, and other managers (carrying responsibilities throughout PORR AG) are requested here:

Ing. Josef PEIN 13.01.2020

Ing. Josef PEIN 10.01.2020

Ing. Josef PEIN 09.01.2020

Dipl.-Kfm Andreas SAUER 12.07.2018

IGO Construction GmbH 05.09.2017 

IGO Construction GmbH 04.09.2017  
DDr. Pistotnik 31.08.2017

Agavi Privatstiftung 11.01.2017  

AIM GmbH 11.01.2017 

DI Wenkenbach 11.01.2017 

Dr. Weiss 11.01.2017 

IGO Construction GmbH 11.01.2017 

MMag. Maier 11.01.2017 

MzH Beteiligungen GmbH 11.01.2017
SuP Beteiligungs GmbH 11.01.2017  
Dr. Herta Vanas 14.12.2016

MVB Beteiligungs GmbH 14.12.2016

Further information including the Standard Form of Directors' Dealings is provided here:
FMA website

Articles of Association.

Remuneration policy.

On 28.05.2020, the 140th Annual General Meeting adopted the following remuneration policy.

Remuneration policy

Announcement in acc. with Art. 32 MAR.

Reference is expressly made to the fact that, when using the whistleblower system that is in place, it is only possible to report actual and suspected infringements. A suspected breach or indication of an infringement should only be reported when the allegations are based on one’s own personal perception; the person making the report should be acting to the best of his/her knowledge and in good faith and there should be a high probability that he/she will prove to be justified.

Any case of deliberately making a false report shall incur consequences under labour and penal law.