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Transparent organisational structure with clear responsibilities.

On 1 January 2021, the PORR Group introduced a new segment structure. The focus is on reducing complexity and creating clear areas of responsibility. The new organisational structure also enhances transparency and comparability throughout the Group.

Organisational chart.

The AT/CH segment encompasses country responsibility for Austria and Switzerland. In addition to the permanent business, it also bundles the national competencies in railway and civil engineering, specialist civil engineering, and environmental engineering. It also includes major projects in building construction and industrial construction in Germany and the affiliated companies Prajo, TKDZ, PWW and ALU-SOMMER.

The DE segment includes building construction and civil engineering operations in Germany and our German affiliates including Stump-Franki Spezialtiefbau and PORR Oevermann

The PL segment has overall country responsibility for Poland. PORR's affiliated companies in Poland are also integrated here.

The CEE segment focuses on the home markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, including local affiliated companies.

PORR's international tunnelling expertise and the slab track international activities are bundled in the Infrastructure International segment. The Major Projects division is also integrated here, which also bears overall responsibility for the project markets Norway, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

pde Integrale Planung, PORR Equipment Services and PORR Beteiligungen und Management are directly integrated into the holding company. This also includes the Shared Service Center, which comprises all strategic service areas and staff units at PORR.


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