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150 years of PORR

We're showcasing what makes us unique.

From a commemorative magazine to a book: the publications to mark our 150-year anniversary offer exciting insights into PORR. They show who we are and showcase all of our services and the most prominent projects.

150 years of PORR. Building the future.

The challenges facing those in construction have changed significantly in recent years and will keep on shifting. To mark PORR's 150-year anniversary, experts have explored the issues of the future as part of this publication. They show what we are already doing today and how we will work tomorrow.

Building connects people.

Vienna, mid-19th century. The bastions and ramparts are being buffed up, a new cosmopolitan city is taking shape. In its centre is the Ringstraße, a sumptuous boulevard that will lend its name to an entire epoch. And Allgemeine Österreichische Baugesellschaft is playing a significant part in the structural transformation. Since its foundation and IPO on the Vienna Stock Exchange in 1869, its growth trajectory has been impressive. In 1908 the company A. Porr Betonbau was founded together with the civil engineer and pioneer of concrete construction, whose name the company is proudly bears to this day.

PORR has been shaping the Austrian construction industry for 150 years and has made building history with countless projects from the interwar years, the post-war rebuilding period and modernism through to today. These include the Vienna Museum of Technology, the Großglockner High Alpine Road, the Vienna Ringturm, Stuttgart 21 (DE) and the Greenline metro in Doha (Qatar).

The book is available in bookstores throughout Austria.

Building connects people.
PORR AG – 150 years of driving innovation for excellence

Editor: Manfred Waldenmair
ISBN 978-3-7106-0328-0
€ 50,00
Format 25 x 30 pages
324 pages
Hardcover (cloth binding) with dust jacket and slipcase