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Asbestos rehabilitation and pollutant removal

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Umwelttechnik GmbH
Principal Various clients
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Waste management
Service duration 10.1999 - in progress

Decontamination work under the highest security

Asbestos enjoyed great popularity as a construction material for many decades. Today, this extremely harmful material is banned all across Europe. However, it is regularly found in buildings that had been erected before this ban came into effect. Many of the affected buildings have now reached the end of their life cycle and must be carefully decontaminated prior to general rehabilitation or demolition.

Especially weakly bound asbestos products such as sprayed asbestos present great challenges when it comes to the protection of workforce and the environment during the removal of such materials from structures. Sprayed asbestos, for instance, is suctioned off directly at the site of removal and permanently bound using hydraulic binding agents, packed and – when fully hardened – finally stored at a dump site authorised for the purpose.

However, the safety of its employees when handling hazardous substances is equally important to PORR as the protection of the environment. It only employs highly qualified rehabilitation personnel and protective measures such as full body suits and respiratory masks are indispensable standards.

Apart from the disposal of asbestos, PORR Umwelttechnik also performs analyses and decontamination jobs in rooms featuring high levels of PAK and PCB, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and many other toxic substances.