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Demolition of the power station Voitsberg.

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Umwelttechnik GmbH in a consortium
Principal ARGE KW Voitsberg
Location Voitsberg - Austria
Type Demolition
Runtime 01.2013 - 06.2016

From the industrial ruin to Green Field.

In the course of the implementation of the largest industrial demolition project of its time in Austria, PORR was responsible for the demolition of the former brown coal power station in Voitsberg . The professional demolition of a power plant of this magnitude - the complex has an area of 250,000 m2 on - is rare and represents a major challenge for everyone involved. Overall 35 massive power plant buildings, four of which are over 100 m high respectively, were dismantled - including the 180 m high chimney. 200,000 tons of reinforced concrete were broken up and 40,000 tons of steel scrap were dismantled for this purpose. More than 90% of the materials were processed under quality assurance standards and recycled directly on the site. After contract compliant construction of a "Green field" the properties are now ready to be utilized.

Overall, the dismantling of the power plant site mainly included:

  • Demolition of the Chimney (height: 180m)
  • Demolition of the Boiler Room (height: 103m)
  • Demolition of the Staircase Tower (height: 103m)
  • Demolition of the Cooling Tower (height: 100m)
  • Demolition of the Bunker Building (height: 54m)
  • Property area: approx. 250,000m2
  • Enclosed space: 150,000m3
  • Recycling of reinforced concrete: approx. 200,000t
  • Recycling of scrap metal: approx. 40,000t
  • Pollutant clean-up (asbestos)
  • Dismantling radioactive measuring elements (Cs 137)