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Facts and Figures
Company Prajo & Co GmbH
Principal STRABAG AG
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Demolition
Runtime 10.2014 - 02.2015

XXL demolition job.

In May 2014, it was decided to erect a new stadium to replace the Gerhard-Hanappi Stadium which had been built in the 1970s. PORR subsidiary Prajo & Co was commissioned with the complex demolition work. Watched closely by the media, the structure was removed span by span between October 2014 and February 2015. Up to six excavators were used simultaneously, among which the Hitachi ZX 870, at a grab range of 53m the largest excavator in Austria and one of the largest in Europe.

The Hanappi Stadium’s four stands located around the pitch had been designed for up to 18,400 spectators. The structure was based on reinforced concrete beams with a taut corrugated sheet metal roofing and measured 75 x 160m. Located underneath the pitch was an underground water storage which was to be preserved for future use. Not least because of this fact, the demolition job was highly complex and required extensive and well thought-out execution planning. 

Thus, for instance, the sheet metal panels were removed first, followed by the cross-pipes and, finally, the main beams. An additional excavator was used to crush the demolished parts to transportable sizes after which they were loaded and transported off in containers.