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Leykam Alpina

Photo: Leykam Alpina: Exterior of light-grey warehouse and production hall with dark-blue accents. The office area is adjoined at the left of the building.
Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH Region 1 / Styria Branch Office/Building Construction
PrincipalCCG Immobilien GmbH
LocationWerndorf - Austria
Type Industrial construction
Runtime06.2009 - 03.2010

Ideal logistics site at Cargo Center Graz

On behalf of CCG Immobilien GmbH, the construction of the new Leykam Alpina site at the Cargo Center Graz started in June 2009. The project, which comprised a total gross floor area of 4,450m², was handed over to the client on schedule in March 2010.

The building primarily consists of a single-storey warehouse and production hall and an adjoining office and small-parts storage area spread across two floors. 

The building is accessible by two loading docks located on the north side. The new site in a cutting-edge cargo centre is situated south of the Alps, making it ideal for the company, as it has its headquarters in Graz, a sales office in Vienna and a distribution centre in Maribor, Slovenia.