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Post am Rochus

Photo: Post am Rochus: two demolition excavators on top of the mound of rubble left over from a demolished building; next to them, separated by a fire wall, a scaffolded carcass
Facts and Figures
Company Prajo & Co GmbH
PrincipalPOST AM ROCHUS Östu-Stettin – Habau GmbH consortium
LocationVienna - Austria
Type Demolition
Runtime01.2015 - 09.2015

Challenging demolition job in the middle of the city.

The Austrian Post would like to move into its new headquarters at Rochusmarkt in Vienna’s Erdberg district in late 2017. However, before the ground-breaking ceremony for the new building could be celebrated, the old Post headquarters, a six-storey brick-concrete building, needed to be demolished.

PORR subsidiary Prajo & Co which had been contracted with the demolition work, had to pay close attention to a number of challenging conditions and provisions during the project’s execution. The construction site, for instance, was not only located directly adjacent to a busy market area but also above an underground station. A part of the old Post building which featured a listed Art-Decó façade from the 1920s had to be preserved. This part of the building was completely gutted and the roof was removed down to the height of the next structural slab. 

To ensure swift removal, the steel structures needed to be cut down to transportable sizes on site, loaded and transported off in containers. The materials were all demolished and disposed off in full accordance with the current waste industry code.