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Albulatunnel II - New Construction

Facts and Figures
Company PORR SUISSE AG in consortium
Principal Räthische Bahn AG (RhB)
Location Preda-Spinas - Switzerland
Type Tunneling
Runtime 04.2015 - 12.2022

A new tunnel to the Engadine.

The Albula tunnel runs through the heart of the Swiss mountains, connecting the municipality of Preda in the Albula Valley to Spinas in the Engadine. The decision was made to build a new tunnel more than 100 years after the existing tunnel was opened. Once Albula Tunnel II has been completed, the existing tunnel will be repaired and converted into a safety tunnel. All work on the new, single-track railway tunnel will be carried out while maintaining railway operations.

The centre distance to the old tunnel is 30m. The two tunnels will be connected via twelve cross passages. The total length of the new Albula Tunnel II is around 5,860m and the excavated cross-sections measure 35 to 46m2 – up to 60m2 in the rauwacke (gypsum-bearing dolomite) regions. The main tunnelling operations are carried out simultaneously from both the Preda and Spinas portals, and will be undertaken for the most part using full-face excavation and blasting methods.

A 110m long section (approximately 1,000m behind the Preda portal) runs through the rauwacke, where complex geological and hydro-geological conditions necessitate the highest degree of structural expertise. Materials management and logistics constitute one of the major challenges in the Albula Tunnel II railway construction project.

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