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Demolition of Grünhübl bridge

Photo: Grünhübl bridge: view of the bridge arch from a worm’s-eye view; a telescopic crane is removing elements
Facts and Figures
Company PORR Umwelttechnik GmbH
PrincipalASFINAG Baumanagement GmbH
LocationJudenburg - Austria
Type Demolition
Runtime02.2014 - 04.2015

Innovative demolition technique by wire rope pulling

In early February 2015, the 55 m tall arch of Grünhübl bridge in Judenburg was brought down in a controlled manner and according to plan using the wire rope method. For reasons of environmental protection, regulatory requirements and economic considerations, no explosives whatsoever were used. PORR’s innovative demolition concept rather scored points with a combination of cable pull and statically determined, targeted cuts into the concrete which made the reinforced concrete arch collapse with utmost precision onto the riverbank of the Mur and the cushioning ballast in the Mur.

With this project, in the course of which PORR’s team distinguished itself with creativity and commitment as well as professionalism, the company could once again strengthen its position as an industry leader in the field of special demolition projects in Austria.