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Facts and Figures
Company PORR Bau GmbH, PORREAL GmbH, PORR Design & Engineering
Principal Union Investment GmbH
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Office buildings, Facility management, Sustainability
Contract duration 11.2014 - in progress
Service duration 08.2012 - 06.2014
Runtime 08.2012 - 06.2014

In good hands at Vienna’s most modern office park.

In its fifth construction phase, EURO PLAZA, Vienna’s most modern office park, was extended by three perfectly equipped buildings between summer 2012 and June 2014. The ground floors of this building element are used for businesses, restaurants, storage and office premises, the upper floors are exclusively used for all possible types of offices. Parking spaces are located on both basement floors as well as storage and service surfaces.

For the genesis of EP 5, PORR took over a series of services – beginning with the construction of the new building with its highly complex building technology via the certification as a sustainable building up to the ongoing operation by their subsidiary company, PORREAL.

Austrian Sustainable Building Council certification.
For the construction of the EP, it had to be initially considered that the building owner was striving for a certification according to “German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) Platinum” – the highest award of the Austrian Sustainable Building Council (ÖGNI). PORR Design & Engineering (PDE) bore responsibility for the achievement of the certificate. A multitude of activities which had to be implemented for this, from user-friendliness and sustainable application possibilities of the building up to the highest energy efficiency, were monitored as well as inspected and approved by PDE up to the finest detail.

Efficient planning ensured quick construction progress of the construction of the three buildings, each with two basements, a ground floor and five upper floors. A reinforced concrete skeleton construction was opted for, from which significant advantages resulted. There are thus no load bearing components – apart from the reinforcing staircase walls and parapets placed according to structural calculations. The load bearing columns are located at a distance of 7.6m from each other, from which the advantage arises that intermediate walls do not limit the freedom to divide up the space when considering the renting of the building element.

The fifth upper floor was realised as a mezzanine floor. The technical systems of the building were arranged on the roofs for the most part. Two further technical centres were erected on the first cellar floor.

Building management operation.
The construction of EURO PLAZA 5 saw the implementation of appealing architecture. Only high quality materials for a highly modern building technology were used: façades with exterior sun protection measures, a draught-free cooling system which uses chilled beams, mechanical ventilation for all rooms, double air change in all offices, 6-fold air change in all meeting rooms, spacious entrance areas and goods receipt zones, double floors, suspended ceilings, IT and telecommunications connections, access controls, video surveillance systems, a video intercom system, a fire protection system and much more.

EURO PLAZA 5’s highly developed building technology offers its tenants, on the one hand, high comfort levels and, on the other hand, also requires specialised technical know-how regarding operation and maintenance of the systems. Since the opening of the houses, PORREAL was responsible for the technical and infrastructural building operations, thus making a central contribution to EURO PLAZA 5’s well-known tenants being able to feel completely looked after.